Who is PH4DE ?


Music is and will always be the best method of self-expression. We use music not only as a means of illustration, but also as a tool to celebrate our history and past experiences. Hip-Hop Music more exclusively, allows for the artist and listener to form a relationship beyond the barrier of headphones. The lyrical depth in Hip-Hop, sought after by conscious artists such as Houston’s PH4DE, has given birth to a revolution in artistry. This enlightenment is sweeping across the Earth like a massive paint brush, leaving every human it touches a shade closer to Gray, yet more vibrant nonetheless.

PH4DE was born on August 11, 1993 and raised by his single mother in Jacksonville, Texas. The Romani artist began recording music in the privacy of his bedroom at 13 years old. His first support came from his grandmother, who used what little money she could save to purchase his first home-recording equipment. His grandparents were the first in his linage to take the risk: fleeing persecution in Eastern Europe and venturing to a collection of rogue colonies that would eventually become the United States of America. Because of this, PH4DE channels much more than the history behind his personal experiences. He takes a more noble route. PH4DE uses his musical genius to shed light on the work ethic and determination it takes to TRULY overcome the hardships and tests of life, much like his predecessors have.

On his 17th birthday, PH4DE joined the Marine Corps Reserves. This experience instilled an attitude of urgency, adaptation and triumph- all in preparation for any impending threat. In the current state of the hip-hop industry, PH4DE has applied this exact attitude to his craft: molding him into one of few artists to display consistent growth in his artistry. Success has found PH4DE attractive, due to his obedience and to his willingness to evolve his approach to his craft.

PH4DE’s sound has been characterized as “Eminem level lyricism meets Drake’s melody over Travis Scott production.” This comes as no surprise as he lists musical influences such as Royce Da 5’9, Chino XL, Eminem, Jay-Z and Drake. Whether PH4DE is spitting heavy bars over sick 808’s, outdoing an artist on their own beat with a “phreestyle,” or featuring with some of the hottest artists in the game: PH4DE executes in the studio. He uses a unique writing style to pair his lyrics with it’s respective instrumental, typically only using 10-15 minutes to complete an entire verse. Born from his hunger to constantly drop jaws, PH4DE has compiled a punchline vault on his phone with over 200 spontaneously-inspired phrases at his disposal. (And growing.) He is transcending the barrier of both lyrical and melodic hip-hop by combining raw emotion with everchanging cadences and rhythms, while achieving notoriety through garnishing love from his local music community.

Among PH4DE’s influences in life and business are Elon Musk, Dwayne Johnson, Gary Vaynerchuk and Andy Frisella. With influences like these, it should come as no surprise that PH4DE has also distinguished himself as a successful entrepreneur. His brand NTel Nutra has won the respect of the rapidly growing Sports Nutrition industry and is flying off of shelves worldwide. A level of demand only matched by that of his music. PH4DE’s mission in music is to make timeless art and encourage others to BE and LOVE their selves, while paying respects to Romani heritage along the way.


Written by: Donovan T. Bridgeforth
CEO, The Blk App & The Great Change