it's different x forever mc x lil wayne x ph4de - no mercy

The insanely popular Romanian production-duo "it's different" has delivered yet another BANGER.  Following closely on the heels of their last commercial release with the mysterious "Forever M.C.", this record is PROMISED to BANG.  Much like the theme of the last project, this heavy EDM ballad features assistance from Hip-Hop artists... And not the usual cookie-cutter, commercial Hip-Hop Artists we've grown accustomed to seeing on this type of track. Instead the duo drew for the legendary lyricist Lil' Wayne, and the rapidly rising conscious rapper PH4DE.

While Lil' Wayne needs no introduction, PH4DE is a Hip-Hop artist from Houston Texas of Romani descent. His meteoric rise has been characterized by creative rhyme schemes, immensely deep lyrics, and the occasional rapid-fire twist flow. We haven't seen a ton from him, but there is one thing we know for sure after this single: PH4DE IS HERE TO STAY.

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